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Why wheel alignment cansave you £100s

in tyres

Every day we drive on roads with humps, bumps and potholes, and every pothole we clip can throw your wheel alignment out. Getting your alignment checked at S&G Services on a regular basis is easy and will make sure you are driving safely and efficiently.

Correct wheel and tyre alignment are essential to driving safety; your tyre is the only contact point with the road, so they play a crucial role when it comes to controlling your steering, braking and your acceleration.

But wheel alignment also affects your wallet because it has an effect on fuel efficiency and tyre wear. 

Cars rely on precision to function at their best, but tyres and the wheels on which they sit can become misaligned all too easily. Anything from the condition of the road, hitting bumps or potholes, clipping kerbs or suffering even the most minor accident can all play a part in making unfortunate adjustments.  

Save on Tyres

Wheels that are incorrectly aligned are the main cause of uneven and premature tyre wear. When treads wear unevenly, not only does this decrease a tyre’s safe driving life but it can also damage a tyre, leading to the need for premature replacement. So by getting the wheel alignment correctly adjusted, you will save money by extending the life of your tyres.

The majority of manufacturers do not set a schedule for wheel alignment, but here at S&G Services, we recommend this is checked out every 6 – 12 months by one of our skilled technicians, or whenever you have a new tyre or set of tyres installed.


Save on Fuel

As well as saving on repairing and replacing tyres, there are significant savings to be made on fuel as a result of correct wheel alignment. 

It has been estimated that those vehicles with bad wheel alignment can suffer a decrease in fuel efficiency by as much as 7%. For motorists who drive 15,000 miles a year, and obtain an average 51 miles per gallon costing £1.15 per litre (or £5.27 a gallon), a correct wheel alignment will add almost £110 in annual cost-of-fuel savings.


When should wheel

alignment be checked?

If tyres and wheels come out of alignment, problems can too easily develop in a vehicle’s numerous systems. The symptoms to be aware of include:

·         An off-centre steering wheel

·         The car pulling to one side while on a level, straight road

·         Any uneven tyre wear


·         If you notice any of these, have the wheel alignment checked. It’s also a good idea when your car is in for other maintenance that you grab the opportunity of having your wheel alignment inspected for peace of mind.

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